Workshop Testimonials

Specializing in teaching complex topics to the average layperson, Kevin Aguanno excels in translating complex technical and business concepts into everyday terms. He has been teaching since 1991 on behalf of numerous companies, at the University of Toronto (Faculty of Information Studies, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, and the School of Continuing Studies), and as a guest lecturer at various other universities.

"It was a great course. I really enjoyed it. At last, I can understand what everybody [is] talking about. As I wrote on the evaluation, [. . .] this course was my favourite (and I took four!)"

-- S. Rojas

"At the 2006 ProjectWorld conference in Toronto, I attended a two days workshop called ‘Systems Development Project Management:
Traditional, Extreme, or Somewhere in the Middle?’ given by Kevin Aguanno. For me, It was the best workshop ever attended before because I learnt so many new concepts pertaining to the Agile methodology software dev. process. The content of the course was very practical supported by many case studies to understand the concepts. Also, the speaker is very knowledgeable and convincing. Kevin was able to answer all the audience’s questions and inquiries by providing relevant examples from real life. Kevin’s communication abilities helped the message to go through with a very intensive interactions."

-- El Bachir Boukherouaa, IT Project Manager, Statistics Canada

In formal feedback for the Toronto SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network) seminar on Agile Methods in April 2005, 94.7% of respondents acknowledged Kevin Aguanno’s expertise in the field of agile methodologies. Vivien Suen, the seminar organizer, commented that “Kevin did have one die-hard fan who marked the ‘strongly agree’ box with TWO checkmarks AND a star. Nice!”

"Great case studies - effective 'toys'"

-- L. Wade

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for taking time out of your busy schedule and visiting us at Ryerson University yesterday night, and sharing with us - in length - your valuable insights. Again, I would like to re-emphasize that you, very beautifully, summarized the core learning of CCPS731 (Software Engineering) course in your 2 hours instructional speech … Thank you."

-- Dr. Abdul Naeem Shaikh, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Ryerson University