What's that Smell? Early Warnings of Agile Project Issues

Agile methods break many of the controls we commonly use on our traditional projects. In addition, they use completely different metrics for tracking project progress and health. In an agile environment, how do you know if your project is running well?

This 60-minute presentation will introduce you to some early warning signs that your agile project is heading in a bad direction. By keeping a sharp nose out for "foul smells"in these areas, you'll be alerted sooner of impending troubles, giving you more time to take corrective action.

This event is ideal for Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, PMO Leads, Corporate Risk Managers and Auditors.

Endorsements & Feedback

"This session, as the earlier sessions in this series on Agile, was very well received by the session participants [...]. It is a pleasure to work with such an exceptional speaker and our PM community definitely benefits from the knowledge they gain in your sessions."
- Linda June, PM Knowledge Network Leader, PM Center of Excellence, IBM

Anonymous Session Feedback from Sept. 12, 2013 webinar for IBM

- "This was the best PMKN I have attended this year. Was very good given the amount of scrum sessions being attempted today."

- "This is one of the best, most practical PM sessions I have attended thru a virtual session. Great Job!"

- "Kevin Aguanno is great at communicating Agile processes and best practices at the level us non Agile PMs need it. Thanks Kevin, good presentation."

- "Really great presenter. Real issues we face all the time and great suggestions! Really appreciate all the efforts, especially when we get such great speakers like today. Kevin Aguanno did an excellent job identifying the issues or problems with Agile projects."

- "Actually I see why you guys like Kevin. He is really good. Easy to follow and understand and offered comments about agile project health checks and common points that I could relate too. I like the cultural transformation comments. I have seen this in my own experience."

- "Very useful session that I can apply towards my project management and team leading effort.."

- "Top notch presenter"

- "Very clear, very organized. Nicely delivered"

- "Such a good speaker and very clear and concise presentation."

- "Always a pleasure listening to Kevin"

- "Perfect session, working in a agile project myself I can confirm the warning observations. Thanks for some new mitigation strategies."

- "Just starting to work on Agile projects. Nice to know some of the things to look out for"