The Great Escape: Troubled Project Recovery Using Agile Project Management

We’ve all heard the stories of projects that are in trouble due to constantly-changing requirements (“scope creep”) and the devastating impact that this has on project plans and teams. How do we avoid getting caught in “design churn”? Other projects get in trouble because they lack effective sponsorship and communication with stakeholders. How do we deal with long lists of requirements raised by these stakeholders in the face of short timelines and small budgets?

Agile project management is a field that has emerged over the past decade to deal with these situations. While there are many different agile management methods, they all share some common characteristics and techniques that are perfect for turning around many troubled projects.

Participants will learn:

  • The #1 root cause for troubled projects and how you can avoid it
  • A 7-step process for troubled project recovery
  • One way you can earn the support of senior management
  • The key aspects to your project recovery plan
  • How agile management techniques can be the key to solving your biggest issues
  • The different metrics that will be needed to track your recovery progress
  • How to sell your recovery plan to your team, and your customer
  • 5 tips for ensuring your recovery is a success
  • How new techniques in quality management may improve project speed and deliverable quality
  • Tips for making sure that the customer accepts your final deliverable

Chances are you will face a troubled project at some point in your career. Attend this session to prepare yourself now to prevent a troubled project in the future, and to be able to turn one around if one begins to emerge.

At the 2005 Project Management Leadership Exchange in Orlando, Florida, 95.7% of attendees said they received value from the content of this presentation, and 100% recognized the speaker's ability to address the material. Formal feedback included:
  • Obvious expert on the topic. Thanks.
  • Well-qualified presenter. Has motivated me to research his topic more.
  • Good tips, fun presentation, practical advice.
  • Interesting that on some of the comments were complete opposite to those brought forward by other speakers.
  • Great examples, good advice.
  • Good refresh, interesting concepts that can be used outside software development projects.
  • Great tips and information!
  • Great job. Difficult subjects communicated simply and easy to understand form.