Strategic Methodology Selection: Linear to Extreme and Points In Between

Today we have a broad range of methodologies available on the marketplace. Supporters tout the advantages of each, but they all seem to contradict each other. In this confusion, misunderstandings abound such as "you can't do fixed price agile projects," "waterfall is more controllable," "iterative and incremental mean the same thing," and "you can only do SOA properly following a linear process."

Join in this session to learn about the spectrum of development methodologies, from waterfall at one end to agile at the other, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and what types of projects are best suited to a given method. Learn answers to questions such as:

  • According to research, which method is best-suited for SOA projects?
  • Which method minimizes risk the most on high-change projects?
  • Which method is the cheapest to use on low-change projects?
  • What level of maturity/experience do we need on the team for each method?
  • Is there a method that can speed up the delivery of value to our business case?
  • and more...

Join project management expert and methodology guru Kevin Aguanno as he takes you on a guided tour through the methodology landscape and helps you better understand the options available to you. You are bound to have some myths busted, and will come away with better knowledge of the methodology tools that you should have in your toolkit.

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