Save Time and Money with Agile Documentation Practices

Tired of wasting time creating documents that no one will ever read? Spending hours fussing with documents to make them “perfect” only to find out that they didn’t include the right content? Spinning your wheels updating documents to keep them current?

Modern agile management practices propose techniques to operate our businesses more efficiently, to be responsive to changing needs, and to greatly improve our throughput. Agile Documentation is composed of a set of practices that will help you document only the necessary things, in the most efficient way, for exactly the right audience, and in a way that minimizes ongoing updates.

Attendees of this session will learn how to save time and money while still producing quality documents, the agile way.


"Very interesting and valuable"
- Sheng Hu, Bejing China

"Great presentation!!"
- Patricia Townley, Bismarck, ND

"Good, practical presentation."
- John R. Walker, Chicago, IL

"I really enjoyed your lecture on agile documentation, found it very interesting."
- Kalpana Hiremath, Senior Certified Project Manager

"Very good stuff! It brings out the maverick in me…"
- Michel Biedermann, PhD, PMP

"Very interesting presentation. I've used many of these techniques without knowing it. "
- Bennett Miller, Certified Project Manager

Anonymous feedback from the PMI Central Iowa Chapter's 2009 Professional Development Day:
- "Very relevant."

- "Effective presentation. Entertaining."

- "Good speaker - engaging - good examples, able to simplify message and get it across clearly. Great examples and stories. Good powerpoint - appreciated structure of presentation. Great way to take a piece of complex topic (agile) and relating to our current needs."

- "Good job making sure the audience gets the key take away messages for each slides. Slides were clear."

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