Rewarding Employees without Breaking the Bank

Your wallet is empty but you still need to reward your employees?! Check out these 8 morale boosters to show you care!

In this economically challenging era, employee rewards might seem extravagant — but building team morale is even more important in tough times! Nevertheless, even the best reward ideas can fall flat if they aren't suitable to the person, the organization, the situation or the magnitude of the accomplishment. Learn the 4 key factors that maximize the impact of your rewards, and the secrets guaranteed to delight recipients. Step-up your team's morale with non-monetary rewards, including ideas that cost less than $20!

At the end of the conference you'll be able to:

  • Reward your team members for $20 (or even less)
  • Build a mix of rewards that encourage the right behaviors
  • Prepare a rewards budget


  • Why we reward, and why some people are uncomfortable giving rewards
  • How to choose the right reward
  • How to give a reward most effectively
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid, including how some rewards can destroy team-building efforts
  • How you can build a rewards program using 8 categories of inexpensive rewards

Have more questions? Speak directly with our expert Kevin Aguanno during the interactive Q&A session and get answers to your questions.

Book this session now for your next corporate or association event and begin building employee morale and maximizing the return on your employee recognition investment.


Best speaker we've had all year! (And I've been to all the meetings.)
- Anonymous survey feedback

Top-notch speaker!
- Anonymous survey feedback

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