Project Closeout Best Practices Workshop

As project managers, we tend to keep our eyes focused on the finish line. For us, it is all about on-time completion. Once the deliverables have been handed over to our project sponsor or client, we relax -- the project is over. But is it really?

Project closeout always presents challenges: from getting final approvals, to performing administrative and contract closure, to capturing lessons learned, and more. At the rapid pace of business today, efficient project closure is a must and may even give you a competitive edge. This 1-day workshop introduces project managers to the best practices for getting final signoffs and closing out projects. Project managers will come away with a structured closeout framework, and some templates that can be used to complete an orderly project closeout.

Learning Objectives

To provide project managers with advanced understanding of the activities required to close out a project properly, including financial, administrative, and legal closure. Participants also will learn a structured approach to performing an orderly closeout.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for beginner and intermediate project managers across all industries.