Popular Agile Webinars Now Available as Downloadable Videos

The popular agile webinar series from Kevin Aguanno, the Agile PM, are now available for purchase as downloadable video files from MMP Inc.
Toronto, ON (AgilePM.com) 18 May 2010 -- In an effort to respond to growing customer demand, publisher Multi-Media Publications Inc. is expanding the products that it offers in downloadable formats in addition to physical media. Up to now, the publisher has offered ebooks and MP3 audiobooks as alternatives to its print books and audio CD products. Starting this month, MMP will also add video downloads of some of its popular DVD titles to its lineup.

Two of the first batch of titles to become available as video downloads are recordings of live webinars by Kevin Aguanno: Dispelling Common Myths About Agile and The Agile Planning Game: Rapid Estimating and Scheduling for High-Change Projects. These recordings can be downloaded in Windows Media Video (WMV) format, which is playable on all Windows computers through the Windows Media Player application that comes with Windows.

Additional video recordings will be made available for download later in the year.