PMI Announces New Agile PM Certification

PMI has now jumped onto the agile project management bandwagon and has announced a new agile certification to be released in summer 2011.

PMI (the Project Management Institute) is launching a new agile PM certification in 2011. Candidates may sign up for a pilot starting in May, but the full rollout of the certification is expected in August 2011.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • high school diploma or higher
  • 2,000 hrs of working on project teams in the last 5 years (or a PMP)
  • An additional 1,500 hrs of working on agile projects in the last 2 years
  • 21 class hours of agile training*
  • A 120 question, 3-hour written exam

* NOTE: Our 3-day agile project management courses meet the educational requirement to write this exam.

For further details, see the PMI announcement at the link below.