Media and Event Planner Information

Media and Event Planner Information

If you are planning a conference or other event and woud like to book Kevin Aguanno as a speaker, please contact us for further information. Biographical information is available elsewhere on this site.

Media representatives interested in interviewing Kevin Aguanno should contact us using the information provided on this site. We have included instant messaging and cell phone options for cases where you need immediate input to meet your deadlines.

Interviewers will find introductions they may use on-air and sample interview questions below, as well as photos to use for publicity purposes.

Finally, see the complete list of media releases, below, for the latest announcements.

"Kevin helped to make my job easy."

-Mary Jean Kucerak, Executive Director, and organizer of the annual conference of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)

"Thanks so much for being on the show. I definately have to interview you again. I am looking forward to reading your book."

- Charmaine Augustin, Host of The Charmaine Show, WJJC 1270AM, Commerce, Georgia

Media Appearances


  • CBC News


  • WJJC 1270AM (Commerce, GA)

Online (interviews, not news releases)

Print (interviews, not news releases)

  • Projects@Work Magazine [1 interview]
  • The Independent (magazine of the Independent Book Publishers Association) [3 interviews]
  • Mississauga News [2 features]
  • Real Estate News [1 feature]