Introduction to Troubled Project Recovery

We’ve all heard the stories of projects that are in trouble due to constantly-changing requirements (“scope creep”) and the devastating impact that this has on project plans and teams. How do we avoid getting caught in “design churn”? Other projects get in trouble because they lack effective sponsorship and communication with stakeholders or face meddling stakeholders who constantly interfere with the operations of the project. How do we deal with issues raised by these stakeholders in the face of short timelines and small budgets?

Using fascinating case studies to bring the topic to life, the workshop introduces participants to the major causes of troubled projects. Then, participants in this 1-day workshop will learn strategies for avoiding troubled projects in the first place and, when facing one, a structured framework for recovery along with some practical techniques that can be applied today.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the common causes of troubled projects and how to avoid them.
  • To understand a framework describing a structured approach to project recovery.
  • To understand several techniques to battle common troubled project issues.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for project managers from all experience levels (beginner to advanced) across all industries.