Extreme Scrum

Think you've heard it all? How about this one: a high-risk application development and systems integration project where the team is being asked to pull off something that has never been done before -- anywhere. The team is made up of over 200 people in 17 cities in four countries. With only five months to complete the seemingly impossible task, how did they do it?

Kevin Aguanno, the Executive Project Manager in charge of this amazing project will tell you how the team shocked the experts and delivered over 1 million lines of code (and 23 patent filings!) on time and under budget. He will share with you the pros and the cons of trying to be agile in this large, distributed team environment. Who says that agile cannot scale?

Participants in this case study session will learn:

  • Why agile was chosen for this high-risk troubled project
  • Why the Scrum methodology was specifically selected and how it was introduced
  • How to overcome the challenges of scaling Scrum in a large, geographically-distributed team environment
  • How the challenge of communications across sites and time zones (they key bottleneck) was overcome using technology and a 4-step process
  • How different personality types adapted to the new project environment
  • Why typical agile documentation practices had to be modified to ensure success

A fascinating story that is not only motivating and uplifting, but also very informative as participants learn how one of the largest agile efforts ever attempted managed to turn around a deeply troubled project. Reserve this session now for your next event and inspire those attempting to implement agile.


Feedback from the CASCON 2007 conference:

  • "Excellently delivered"
  • "The highlight of the session"
  • "Case study is wonderful!"
  • "Best hints/tips and practical advice"

From Agile Matters! (Jan. 2008):

  • "The PM perspective was fabulous as that is a view not often heard or shared"
  • "I was amazed"

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A live conference recording of Extreme Scrum is available as an MP3 audio download for $9.99.