Choosing the Right Approach: Waterfall, Agile, or Somewhere In Between"

When starting a new project, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the right project delivery strategy. While the waterfall approach is the standard methodology framework being used in the majority of organizations, most people are not aware that there are several different project delivery strategies: waterfall, iterative, incremental, IID, and its lightweight cousin, agile. In this 1-day workshop, you will learn the differences between these project approaches including the benefits and risks of each, and how to choose the best approach for a project. In addition, participants will learn more about the agile approach including an overview of a few different agile methodologies and how they fit into typical project governance structures.


This course is intended for individuals involved in programme strategy, project planning, building project business cases, audits, and those involved in governance processes.


One full day of lectures and workshop activities, starting at 9:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m., with two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break.


Students will be provided with an in-class workbook containing copies of the presentation materials.

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) Earn 7 PDUs with this course!


"It was a great course. A good start to learning much more about agile and IID."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, September 2014

"This was a FANTASTIC course + the instructor was very good. I would strongly recommend it."
- Alex Jordan, CIBC, September 2014

"This course was very well organized and the instructor was excellent."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, October 2014

"This should be attended by all business and project managers."
- Shamik Roy, CIBC, October 2014

"Good course!"
- Shruti Khosla, CIBC

"Very easy to follow along and actually learn something."
- Sarah McAuley, CIBC

"Great course and instructor!"
- Hyacinth Sagala, CIBC, July 2014

"This course made me see a better future."
- Hossein Panahi, CIBC, July 2014

  • "Excellent course. Time worth it!"
  • "Great stories and examples shared from [...] experience."
  • "Excellent training!"
  • "Very informative and well done!"

- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, May 2014

"Excellent course. Good material and instructor was very knowledgeable of [our] environment."
- Charmaine Ketcheson, CIBC

"Excellent introduction - should be mandatory for PMs."
- Ian Ritchie, CIBC

"It was a good introductory course."
- Farooq Ahmed, CIBC

"Very clear and thorough. Very helpful."
- Mary Nasello, CIBC

- Pamela Farrow, CIBC

"Great course!"
- Marc Edoa, CIBC

"It was an informative course. The presenter was very knowledgable and made it fun to learn!"
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, March 2014

"Very useful course. Simple and easy to understand and apply."
- Ling Wu, CIBC

"Overall, a great introduction to the IID/agile methodology."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, February 2014

"Great course!"
- Steve Traenkmann, CIBC

"It was a very productive learning session."
- Neha, Vohra, CIBC

"This was a good level of information for an intro-type course."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, January 2014

"I was really impressed by Kevin and this course."
- Sherry Zhao, CIBC

"Kevin is really good and provided valuable information to better understand IID." (On the evaluation forms, rated the facilitator's subject matter knowledge a "6" with a smilie face on a scale of 1-5.)
- Miguel Basurto, CIBC

"One of the best presentations I've had the pleasure to attend. Very knowledgeable and stories from history were great."
- Art Roberts, CIBC

"Great instructor - provided us with real life examples."
- Shanker Kana

"Enjoyed the background material Kevin presented around how the approaches came to be."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, January 2014

"Very useful course!"
- Eduardo Martinez, CIBC

"Thank you very much! The course (and food) was great!"
- Antoine Maghamez, CIBC

"This should be mandatory training for all employees."
- Anonymous course feedback, CIBC, December 2013

"Excellent introduction to the topic!"
- Martina Schmidt