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Project Managers Can Shine in Today's Tough Economy

In an economy where the word “recession” has been in the headlines for the past 2-3 years, using incremental business value as the measure of project success has become more and more common in the marketplace. Project managers are being asked more and mor

In service companies, people have characterized sales people as the ones who bring in revenue to an company, but project managers as the ones that translate that revenue into profit. Project managers are the ones who lead in the creation of value for project stakeholders.

The Ideal Iteration Length Revealed...

An article discussing how to choose an iteration length for your own agile project. The article also addresses the controversial topic of varying iteration lengths.

As agile project management methods are becoming more widely adopted in companies around the world, many struggle with one of the most basic decisions when starting iterative incremental project approaches: what is the ideal iteration length to use? Let's see if we can tackle that question.

Project Managers vs. Scrum Masters: Agile Project Management Matures

The debate rages in the agile community about the role of the project manager on agile projects. Read this article to get the perspective of Kevin Aguanno, the Agile PM.

There is a lot of resistance in the agile community against project management. Many (though not all) proponents of agile methods feel that project management is the root of all evils. To understand this perspective, we need to look at how agile methods were evangelized in their early days.