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Agile Methods and the Need for Speed

When asking people why they want to use agile delivery methods, one of the most common reasons I hear is that they want to “deliver faster.” It seems that there is a widespread frustration with the way administrative bureaucracy, inefficient development processes, and overburdening governance processes impede project performance. In many cases, an apparently simple, short development project cannot be delivered quickly because of the process and governance overheads that stretch the project out across the calendar and act as a multiplier on the estimated project budget.

What's New in Agile Project Management Certifications

An article comparing the new PMI agile certification to the other agile PM certifications in the marketplace.

There’s lots of buzz in both the project management and agile communities recently with the announcement from PMI that they are launching a new agile certification. Questions abound: what are the PMI agile certification requirements, how does this compare to the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) or Certified Agile Project Manager (Cert.APM) qualifications, when can I apply, and many more.

My Project Management New Year Resolution

An article on project management personality types and how they affect our New Year resolutions.

As it is January, I thought it would be a good time to share with you my project management New Year resolution. But before I share it with you, I want to share an observation: if I could make up my own personality categorization system for project managers, I might say that there are two main types: builders and maintainers.

Why Project Managers Should Master the Art of Bribery

A new article by Kevin Aguanno.

In most countries around the world, bribery – the payment of secret funds to someone to get them to bypass standard processes or to alter their standard behaviour – is considered immoral and often illegal. The codes of conduct or codes of ethics from many of our professional organizations explicitly forbid bribery. So, for the vast majority of project managers, bribery is out of the question.

My Project is Harder Than Your Project

An article on the comparison of project management complexity between project types.

Over the years that I’ve been attending project management events, I’ve heard project managers from various backgrounds comparing their projects in an effort to see whose project was harder to manage. Typically, these PMs are men – perhaps it is part of the genetic makeup of men that many feel the need to compete with each other to establish some type of social hierarchy.