Beyond the PMP: Highlighting the Best PMs in the Industry

How do PMs (with or without their PMP) distinguish themselves from the pack? How can we identify and highlight the BEST in the profession? The answer: PM competence certifications that have been available around the world for decades. IBM, Siemens, and other companies have created internal project management certification programs that attempt to highlight their best PMs with competence certifications, yet these certifications are proprietary, not recognized by international PM organizations, nor do many purchasers of PM services.

Learn about what the PMP means to our clients and what it really assesses. Then learn what our clients want to see when selecting PMs, and what publicly-available and internationally-recognized options address the gap.


"Kevin is a very articulate speaker with tremendous experience and knowledge in the field of project management. I always look forward to his presentations. I think Kevin did a very good job of explaining the differences between Knowledge and Competencies and the limitation of a PMP."
- Anonymous survey feedback

"Good perspective on how valuable the PMP credential is versus other certification disciplines elsewhere."
- Anonymous survey feedback

"I think that it's good to be challenged to think outside our current PMP constructs."
- Anonymous survey feedback

"Excellent Session. Just enough information and not overloaded with a lot of slides."
- Anonymous survey feedback

"It was a good session and I thank you for presenting to our PM community and hope you will consider doing more sessions."
- L. June, PM Knowledge Network Lead, IBM

"I liked the presentation. I missed some initial pieces and am going over it in the replay. I always wondered where and how I can showcase my competence in the soft skills as the PMP did not address it. I like the way you have broken the competences (it matches the real world better than the PMP)."
- Sai Bhamidipati, IBM GR Delivery Lead, Deposit Systems