Best-Selling Book 'Managing Agile Projects' Now Available in India

Following an international rights sale by Multi-Media Publications Inc., the best-selling book "Managing Agile Projects" has been licensed to MacMillan Publishers India. The company has just released the book locally to the Indian market.

We are pleased to announce that the best-selling book "Managing Agile Projects" edited by Kevin Aguanno with contributions by noted agile gurus such as Alistair Cockburn, Ron Jeffries, Scott Ambler, and Sanjiv Augustine (among many others) is now available locally in India.

MacMillan Publishers India Ltd. has licensed the Indian rights to the book and has just released it in English to the Indian market. The book will be available in bookstores across the country within the next few weeks.

This is exciting news for the many Indian subscribers to the AgilePM Newsletter. Up to now, long shipping times and high shipping costs have made ordering books from North America cost prohibitive. With this new arrangement, Indian project managers and technical leads now have local access to a book that some critics have rated as the best book on agile project management in the marketplace.

Those in India wishing to purchase the book in bookstores or online can find more details at the URL link below.