Become a Certified Agile Project Manager

Agile Project Management has become one of the hottest management topics in recent memory. Long acknowledged for its lightweight flexibility, the agile approach speeds up project delivery, improves stakeholder satisfaction, improves quality and reduces risk. The popularity of this approach lies in agile's adaptable, value-focused planning. Agile gives teams the flexibility they need for their project to quickly change direction, but the structure they need to stay focused on what’s important.

There are currently two PM-focused flavours of Agile Project Management certification:

PMI-ACP Designation

If you are a PM interested in showing you know the common approaches to agile project management, and if you have some experience working on agile projects, the PMI-ACP certification may be right for you. The PMI-ACP recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices and tools and techniques across several agile methodologies.

Click here to learn more about the PMI credential.

Cert.APM Designation

The Project Management Association of Canada offers an entry-level certification in agile project management called the “Certified Agile Project Manager.” Those who are awarded this certificate have the right to use the postnominal “Cert.APM” for as long as their certification remains current.

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Regardless of the qualification you're looking for, the AgilePM offers training to help you on your way. Take a look at the packages below and get started on your Agile journey today!

An intensive three-day workshop that teaches end-to-end Agile Project Management. A one-day course to prepare the student to write exams for the designation of their choice. A home study guide to let the thrifty student prepare for the designation of their choice at their own pace. (Coming soon)


Agile Community

"I applaud your work and your commitment to bringing sanity to the often insane world of project management. History has shown that PMs who act as 'servant leaders' often succeed where others fail. The Agile principles and practices provide a good framework for encouraging that mindset for the PM and the team members. Keep up the good work!"
- Huet Landry, PMP, CSM, Senior IT Consultant specializing in UML modeling, requirements elicitation with use cases, and Scrum.

"Personally, I'm glad to finally see a move towards a respectable approach to certification within the agile PM community. Although I'm not enamored of certification in general, the reality is that within our industry there is a demand by employers that their employees earn certifications. Furthermore, there is an assumption that there is something behind the certification program [...] Anyway, I believe that the PMAC agile certification is clearly a step in the right direction for our community. My hope is that this program can evolve into an international effort, not just a Canadian one, but first things first."
- Scott W. Ambler, Chief Methodologist/Agile, IBM Rational

"Best wishes with your certification [...] I commend your effort."
- Alistair Cockburn, IT Strategist