Agile Project Performance Management

With the widespread growth of agile project management and agile development methods, we face challenges when these projects don’t (or can’t) provide us with our standard performance metrics for project health assessment and project portfolio management. Proponents of agile methodologies, who tend to emerge from the development community, rebel against standard organizational processes for project tracking and control, and few in the project management world really understand these agile methods well enough to try and adapt traditional tracking mechanisms to these high-change projects. Many ask “how can I apply earned value measurements when the baseline keeps shifting?”

Join Kevin Aguanno, an executive project manager and a well-known expert on the agile methodologies, as he explains how project managers can adapt existing control systems (and incorporate the metrics provided by the agile methods themselves) to better track and control projects using these methods.

Participants will learn:

  • How traditional planning and metrics fail on high-change projects
  • What is agile project management?
  • The benefits of agile approaches on high-change projects
  • The various agile performance metrics used for tracking schedule, budget, and quality
  • Recent statistics showing the adoption rate of agile methods in the industry

Governance and control is one of the key “missing links” identified by organizations in why some are still hesitant about adopting agile. Fill this knowledge gap with tips from the experts in this presentation. Book now!


"Thanks Kevin for a wonderful presentation! I spoke to you prior to your presentation and told you that I had high expectations. Wow, did you deliver! Not only did you meet my expectations, you exceeded! I left your presentation with tools that I could take back to the workplace and apply immediately. Your presentation is a must for any project manager who is considering iterative methodologies."
- Jami Maitre, Sr. Project Manager, The Principal Financial Group

"I enjoyed your presentation. It was quite informative. [...] Coming from the IT world, it helped to explain a lot of things."
- Susan Chisolm, Implementation Program Office, The Principal Financial Group

"Kevin Aguanno demonstrated leadership in the area of Agile software development. He was authoritative and did captivate the attention of the room. He aslo stated that Agile methodologies could be applied to hardware as well. That generated great interest and showed leadership in this arena."
- Organizer for the Strategic Project Management in the Public Sector conference, Conference Board of Canada

"Thanks so much for your very informative presentation! A number of years ago, I attended two days of Agile training. Your presentation, although at a very high level, was far more invigorating and comprehensive than my previous exposure to Agile."
- Kerstin Skold-Mohammed, PMI Greater Toronto Area Information Systems Local Interest Group (GTA-ISLIG)