Agile Project Management Using Scrum

In recent years, the Internet revolution has caused a shift in how fast technology is developed and marketed. We have seen the appearance of “Web Years” as a measure of time, and the widespread adoption of various flavors of Rapid Application Development (RAD) as the standard software development method used in even our largest organizations. There has been a parallel shift in how projects are managed. First appearing in software development projects, Agile Development methods are now a very hot topic in software development conferences and magazines. These are methods that stress the speed of development and close interaction with the customer over traditional, more bureaucratic, practices.

Participants will learn:

  • The underlying principles of agile development
  • How agile development differs from traditional development models
  • An introduction to the Scrum methodology
  • How to extend agile methods from software development into other types of (even non-IT) projects
  • How to get started in deploying Scrum
  • Where to find more information


94% of participant feedback surveys rated this keynote presentation as Very Good or Excellent.
- PMI Greater Toronto Area Information Systems Local Interest Group

“Thank you very much for your superb talk titled ‘Agile Project Management Using SCRUM’ given at the Ontario Club. Your presentation was top notch, punctuated by memorable stories, your explanations clear and to the point, and your enthusiasm was contagious.”
- Vasilios Koutsoubidis

“Kevin is able to knock the dust off the old tombs of software development practices and brings an energized fresh perspective to his audience. I think the industry would do well to listen to what Kevin has to say and that’s not difficult given his ability to hold a crowd captive with a wealth of well-delivered content and anecdotes. I think everyone involved in software and IT needs to hear this stuff.”
- Kristan Uccello, Software Architect

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A live conference recording of Agile Project Management Using Scrum is available on audio CD ($14.87) and in downloadable MP3 ($9.99) formats.