Agile Estimating & Planning in a Fixed-Price Environment

Once people begin to learn the basics of agile management theory through methods such as Scrum, they soon begin to question how it can be practically applied in their own work environment. One of the most common questions that is raised is about whether agile methods can be used in situations that demand firm cost and timeline forecasts; in other words, can you do agile on fixed-price contracts?

While not every project has a formal contract, most have firm budget and timeline commitments to business stakeholders. This presentation will teach you how to apply agile theory in a practical way to deal with demands for a firm timeline and budget. This session is not about more theory -- it gives practical, hands-on techniques that you can begin using TODAY to apply agile in these tough situations.

Participants will discover:

  • How to build agile schedules that still protect key commitment dates/milestones
  • Ways to provide reasonable estimates in an environment of uncertainty
  • How to protect the team and the sponsor from unrealistic expectations
  • Samples of agile contract wording that show you how to provide firm costs and timelines, while still allowing for project flexibility

All participants in this session will receive a 50% off coupon for the Agile Estimating and Planning Resource Kit CD-ROM containing templates and tools that complement the content of this session.

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