Adapting Agile for Use with Distributed Teams

Scott Ambler and Kevin Aguanno

Let's face it, the co-located teams mentioned in all of the agile methods just don't happen on many of our real-world projects. Sometimes, we just have no choice -- we have to work with team members in different cities, different time zones, or even on the other side of the world. How do agile methods fare under these circumstances?

In this 60-minute interview with Scott Ambler, a noted author and speaker on agile methods, he discusses the latest statistics and some interesting examples of how large, distributed teams are adapting the agile methods to work in a globally-distributed team environment. Learn how to lower the communication barriers and improve project performance under these most difficult of circumstances.

Theory is one thing, but practical application is another. Listen to this recording to learn how large companies are using agile methods successfully with distributed, virtual teams.


  • Recent statistics on the use of agile in distributed teams
  • Distributed agile success (and failure) stories
  • Critical Success Factors for using agile methods in a virtual team environment
  • Best Practices for initiating a distributed agile project
  • Using technology to minimize risk
  • Governing distributed agile teams