Why all the Fuss About Agile? (And Why You Should Care)

The hottest topic in magazines and at conferences, agile methods have captured the attention of the IT industry. From developers and other team members through the project management community and even up to PMO leads and CIOs, everyone wants to find out more about agile and if it can work for them.

Join agile project management expert Kevin Aguanno as he explains what is agile, how it complements our current delivery approaches, what projects are best suited to agile and what benefits (and costs) can we expect using this approach. In addition, he will share fascinating industry statistics and a few illustrative case studies of companies who have taken the leap and have embraced agile methods.


"Let me add my thanks! Your presentation was excellent, and I have received already gotten positive feedback from attendees at both the Main Location and Satellites."
- Lisa C. Blake, PMP, Vice President – Programs, Project Management Institute – New Jersey Chapter

"Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure in attending your presentation, 'Why All the Fuss About Agile?' I want to let you know that you did a great job, and your presentation was both informing and straightforward. I am more interested in Agile than ever."
- Patrick Pierre, PMP & Security+ IT Project Manager

"Thank you very much for an informative session. This was very useful! I see a huge benefit of trying to incorporate more agile techniques in my work."
- Deni Burroughs, Program Manager, IBM Software Group - Netezza

"Great session on Agile...you are a very solid and comprehensive resource. You are a very concise and clear presenter...was a pleasure to have listened to you today. Thank you very much and I look forward to future presentations. "
- Darcy McLane, Senior Project Consultant, ISM Canada

"Thank you for the great presentation. I've got a lot out of it. I'm looking forward to your next session!"
- Arnd Etz, IBM Advisory Project Manager, IBM Systems & Technology Group

"Your session today was awesome! :) I look forward to the other sessions we have scheduled."
- Linda June, PM Knowledge Network Leader, IBM

"I just finished listening to the recording of your 'What's All The Fuss About Agile' presentation at IBM. Very interesting!"
- Allen R. Carl, Manager, Tech Enablement & Business Operations, Systems & Technology Group, IBM

Anonymous Feedback from IBM Session Attendees (Feb. 2013)

"Kevin is a great presenter and his topic is extremely pertinent to my job. Kudos for securing this elite presenter."

"I'll be looking forward to the next sessions on this topic. It''s very relevant to my job, my last client was using the Agile approach and I'd never worked with it before. It's becoming very popular."

"Excellent Agile presentation. Straightforward and great examples. Very well presented."

"Excellent presenter - obviously an expert in this field, well prepared, and well presented!"

"This session was very useful"

"Overall a great session!"

"It was a great learning experience."

"Great session. One of the better topics and speakers!"

"Appreciated the insight along with real world examples."

"Impeccable delivery from Kevin as always, very good material and examples."

"Great presentation! Didn't have a good understanding of Agile until now."

"It was obvious the presenter was very qualified in the subject. Easy to understand and relevant."

"Excellent resource...a well thought out and planned presentation. Kevin is a key source on Agile and a resource that I will be following in the future."

"Excellent presentation. Right on point with the level of detail presented. Looking forward to learning more about Agile and getting certified as an Agile PM."

"One of the best presentations about Agile. Thanks!"

"I'm glad to hear that Kevin is coming back again for more!"

"Kevin was an outstanding speaker and authority... great and interesting session."

"Kevin is definitely an Agile expert; he did a good job of making the information understandable."

"Really great session, very concise, easy to follow and relevant information shared."

"An excellent compare & contrast between Waterfall, Iterative, Incremental & Agile Projects. Thanks"

"Kevin used real-life examples that most IBMers that perform services work can relate to; great session!"

"I am beginner in Agile Project management. Helped me understand agile methodology and its benefit over waterfall."

"Overall very good, well presented, not too detailed, great overview of the key benefits of Agile and when to choose this method."

"Well organized, this was great learning for me and gives me a better perspective on this topic as I work with teams. I look forward to Kevin's future sessions."

"Kevin was a wonderful speaker and really knowledgeable about Agile methodologies. I can't wait to share what I have learned with my team."

"Just what I was looking for; also answered my question about Agile applicability to other kinds of projects, which I've been wondering about for a while. May be elements that I can use in my waterfall project."

"Even though I am not currently leading a development "project", extending the agile thought process to other work activities was very helpful. Excellent"

"Presentation was nicely done. I learned more about Agile and why it should be used. "