Juggling Projects


There is a new agile certification out there (Certified Agile Project Manager) to be offered by the Project Management Association of Canada (PMAC), the Canadian member association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) based in Geneva. (More details on these groups can be found at www.pmac-ampc.ca and www.ipma.ch.) This certification will require a few things: (1) that you take a PMAC-accredited agile training course, (2) you meet a minimum number of years of project management experience, and (3) you write a 2-hour exam on agile project management through the association. The exams will be offered at universities and other locations across Canada. There will be a small exam fee. Upon passing the exam, you get your agile PM certification from the PMAC as well as a free one-year membership in the association. Details on this new certification will be announced later this summer. This PMAC-provided certification will have a level of credibility not available with the other two options due to the fact that an academic review process is part of the course accreditation and exam formation process. In addition, the association is not a training provider of agile courses, so they are not certifying their own students, avoiding a conflict of interest situation that the other agile certification options currently find themselves in.